About Us


Get the most for your items

With over a 14 years of experience on Ebay we know when and how to sell your items to make the most profit possible.  Turn around time is generally 2-3 weeks. You will be kept up to date and be forwarded the auction link once it goes live.  You will get paid within a few days of the item being received by the buyer; via Paypal, check or cash; whichever you prefer.  

Commission Only

We work strictly on commission.  This ensures that you aren't burdened by upfront fees and keeps us on our toes.  We also have the lowest commission structure in the area.

One Person

You deal with the us directly.  You don't send your items into oblivion and have no one to ask questions to or get updates from or have to deal with disinterested employees.  We work around your schedule and can come to you or you can drop off items to us.

Research & Pricing

We do extensive research before listing your items so you know ahead of time what to expect.  You have full control over your items auction price, so you will never be caught off guard by the final sale price.

Full Service

We do all the work, so you have nothing at all to do.  We take the pictures, put the listings up, answer all questions, package, ship & deal with all customer service issues.  So you  don't have to even think about it ever again, except to plan how to spend your money.  All photographs on this site are items we have listed within the last few years.  We have over a 75% sell rate and 100% feedback.


99% of the time we will take  possession of the item so that we can ensure to get it out to the buyer within 24 hours and can answer any questions or take additional photos as needed.  Sometimes, as is the case with cars, heavy machinery,  high value jewelry, high end furniture, etc. it is better for you to keep possession until the item sells and we can arrange pick-up.